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Born out of a deeply rooted passion for bringing people together over food, Hidden Rhythm’s mission is simple:

To spark engaging relationships that build loyalty between brands and their communities


Growing up in a Persian household in Seattle, I was always surrounded by home-cooked food. My parents cooked dinner every night, whether it was a simple roasted salmon or my Dad’s famous taco bar. The only exception was Friday night, which was reserved for pizza and TGIF shows.

We hosted dinner parties for Thanksgiving, Persian New Year, or just because. Platters upon platters of saffron rice, grilled kabobs, and hearty stews graced the dining table on a regular basis. My Mom was an expert hostess, and as her right-hand helper, I could set the table with my eyes closed.

It was never just about the food though. It was about the people the food brought together. Our fellow Iranian immigrant friends, for one, desired to connect and reminisce with each other.

Fast forward to today, and here I am setting the table yet again. The purpose is unchanged—to authentically connect people—but the context is very different.

Through my experience working in food media, I closely follow natural food brands and their digital marketing efforts. With influencer marketing on the rise, brands are eager to get their products in front of the right influencer to build awareness and loyalty, and ultimately drive sales. At the same time, influencers are excited to learn about new products and brands, and share those that they support with their following.

With social media becoming an increasingly crowded space, brands and influencers (heck, all of us!) crave real, offline experiences. A space where we get to know each other not as Instagram handles, but as people. Authentic connection is the foundation for a happy life—and not surprisingly, it’s also the key to a successful and meaningful partnership.

This realization inspired me to build Hidden Rhythm, a boutique experiential marketing firm for the best brands in food and wellness. In a time when real connection in the offline world is more important than ever, I can’t wait to set the table for brands and their communities.

Cynthia Samanian
Founder & CEO, Hidden Rhythm

Cynthia Samanian - Hidden Rhythm Founder & CEO

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authenticity | collaboration | creativity