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Hidden Rhythm Experiential Marketing - Brandless Influencer Dinner

Over the last twelve months, wellness has fast become the new luxury lifestyle. But with a price tag to match, it’s not accessible for many. Brandless believes that high quality goods should be affordable for everyone, no matter their income. So when they came to us to launch their new line of wellness products, we were excited to bring their ‘better stuff, fewer dollars’ message to life.

Inspired by the start of the Spring season, we hosted 13 health and wellness influencers to Be Well With Brandless. The intimate evening event showcased Brandless’ new organic Matcha, Maca, Moringa and Golden Milk powders, as well as its Lemon and Eucalyptus essential oils, and range of supplements and vitamins. Through unique hands-on experiences, we showcased that Brandless makes wellness within reach.

With the new products launching during the week leading up to the event, we wanted to create buzz around the brand and its new wellness line. Partnering with influencer experts to produce memorable experiences meant that we were able to deliver the right message, to the right audience.

I’m so grateful that you included me in such a magical evening of wellness and community in such a beautiful space. You both did a fantastic job bringing it all together.
— Leigh Winters, @leighmwinters

Hidden Rhythm Experiential Marketing - Brandless Influencer Dinner


To tie back to the season of Spring and the themes of renewal and rejuvenation, we secured a beautiful flower shop in San Francisco’s Mission district as our venue. Full of brightly colored flowers and green leafy plants, we created a peaceful oasis that personified wellness.

To ensure the brand was prominent, we custom-built the Brandless logo with a moss backdrop. This sign was captured in many of the Instagram stories that guests shared with their audience, and was even taken to hang at the Brandless office after the event!

The evening kicked off with welcome drinks, where guests sipped on wellness mocktails made using Brandless’ new organic powders. The Mint Moringa ‘Mojito’, Ginger Matcha Lemonade, Iced Turmeric Vanilla Spice Latte and Matcha-Maca Latte were all served with complementary garnishes. Savory bites were also served. Developed and executed by local chef Katherine Knowlton, each dish creatively incorporated Brandless’ everyday pantry items. Menu highlights included:

  • Avocado ‘Tartare’ with Roasted Beets, Dill, and Pistachio Dukkah

  • Fresh Rainbow Spring Rolls with Sunflower Butter Sauce

  • Mini Smoked Salmon ‘Tostadas’

  • Burrata & Eggplant Caponata with Crispy Prosciutto on Grilled Bread

  • Crudité with Roasted Red Pepper Dip & Beet Hummus

Thank you for an awesome night with Brandless. The way you brought the products to life was so creative and fun.
— Mikaela South, @mikaelasouth

Hidden Rhythm Experiential Marketing - Brandless Influencer Dinner

While guests grabbed a bite, the Brandless team gave an introduction to the new products and their accessible price points. To educate guests on the health benefits of each product, we partnered with registered dietician, Brittyn Coleman from Local Roots Dietician. Having used the products herself, Brittyn spoke to the quality of the ingredients, their origins, and how they should be used.

Tapping into the Brandless company culture, our next experience of the evening was intention setting. We re-created the exercise that every employee takes part in when joining Brandless. Each guest was invited to set an intention and share it with the rest of the group.

Intention setting was the perfect transition to aromatherapy meditation lead by neuroscientist and natural beauty expert, Leigh Winters. As a certified aromatherapist, Leigh incorporated Brandless’ lemon and eucalyptus essential oils into the practice. She enlightened guests about the chemical composition of each scent and the effect they can have on a person's mood.

Finally, guests learned about the growing trend of Ayurveda with Tiffany Kinson from Balance With Tiff. Tiffany focused on the Indian dish kitchari and spoke about its healing and cleansing properties. Guests then built their own take-home kitchari kits by following instructions on printed recipe cards and using Brandless’ range of spices, rice, and lentils.

As the evening drew to a close, we ended on a sweet note with vegan ice cream. Each flavor was made with Brandless’ organic Matcha, Maca, Moringa and Golden Milk powders. Guests topped their ice cream with a selection of Brandless’ sweet pantry items including dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate.


Following the event, we saw many of the evening’s experiences retold on social media. Guests dove into their kitchari kits and shared recipe ideas and wellness tips inspired by the new products. These results were shared with Brandless in an event recap, which included a comprehensive analytics summary, feedback from our anonymous guest survey, and suggested influencer collaboration opportunities.

Thank you so much for an incredible event! It was so amazing getting to be a part of it. I’m truly grateful!
— Hannah Siddiqui, @theroadtohannah

Event photos by Erin Conger Photography.

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