Kettle & Fire Spring Dinner

Hidden Rhythm Experiential Marketing - Kettle & Fire Influencer Dinner

Inspired by the upcoming spring season, this intimate dinner gathered 12 paleo, keto, and wellness influencers for an engaging evening with Kettle & Fire in April 2018. The Spring into Superfoods theme was a play on the season's bounty of superfood produce, spices, and more.

The brand's ask was straight-forward: build Kettle & Fire's brand awareness with a focus on the keto and paleo community. With their bone broth soups launching the week of the event, Kettle & Fire strived to create buzz around the new product with influencers. We were able to successfully deliver on this through the key elements of our all-in-one design and production offering: targeted influencer outreach, creative integration of bone broth in the event, and distribution of the event content.


The Details

We welcomed the influencers with mugs of steamy bone broth, served with a wide variety of fresh mix-ins including fresh turmeric, minced garlic, Himalayan sea salt, and more. This sipping station gave the guests an opportunity to try Kettle & Fire’s different bone broth flavors on their own as well as with suggested garnishes.

To highlight the versatility of bone broth, we created a DIY collagen gummy station, equipped with freshly made raspberry puree mixed with collagen and Kettle & Fire chicken bone broth. With turkey basters in hand, the guests picked a silicone ice cube tray to fill with the puree. While dinner was served, the gummies were chilled then boxed up for guests to take home as tasty souvenirs. The DIY collagen gummies station was so unique and interactive that the guests could not resist the urge to snap pictures along the way to share with their audience.

Guests enjoyed a family-style dinner that catered to gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo dietary preferences. Crafted and executed by Chef Katherine Knowlton, the eight-dish menu featured creative applications of bone broth and bone broth soup. Highlights included Grass-fed Flank Steak with Cilantro-Green Garlic Chimichurri and Roasted Root Veggies with Pumpkin Seed-Arugula Pesto. We ended the night on a sweet note with Berry Coconut Cream Smoothie Bowls complete with a DIY topping bar.

You exceeded our expectations in all aspects of this dinner. From start to finish, the whole event planning process and execution was flawless including the event decorations, DIY station and all the small details that tied the event together. We’d love to work with you again soon!
— Holly Richardson, Kettle & Fire

Event photos by Erin Conger Photography.

I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely dinner! I don’t know how you do it, but every time you create the most amazing vibe, in the coolest space, with the most inspiring women!
— Jenna Schreck, No Whey Lady