Meet Hidden Rhythm

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say hello to our brand new brand.

It’s fair to say that the last year has been an exciting one! We’ve seen our business shift from online content to offline events, have worked with some incredible companies and inspiring influencers, and watched as the natural and organic food industry continued to surge in popularity.

With the industry growing, so did our business. So much in fact that it outgrew Confetti Kitchen. We decided that it was time for an update—a new name, brand, and website that better reflects what we do and how we work.

In today’s online world where everyone is always connected digitally, we aim to do things differently. We connect people the old-fashioned way—by taking things offline and meeting in person. With food as our medium, we deliver a shared experience that's authentic and engaging.

As we wave goodbye to Confetti Kitchen, we introduce with much excitement: Hidden Rhythm.


behind the name

The repeating beat of a knife chopping an onion. The consistent sound of waves hitting the shore. The turning crank of a pasta roller.

In the kitchen and in nature, we're surrounded by rhythms. We live by them. They begin as the sun rises and carry through our daily activities until the fog rolls in and the sun sets. We're inspired by these steady patterns of movement that drive us forward in our days, weeks, and years.

We are Hidden Rhythm: the behind-the-scenes driving pulse that brings brand stories to life through thoughtfully designed and executed experiences. 

Whatever you’re looking to do, whether it’s authentically connect with influencers, launch a new product, or build relationships with vendors, we’ll produce an unforgettable experience that takes the conversation offline and puts it where it best belongs—around the dinner table. Drop us a note, we'd love to get to know you.


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