Waking Up with Health Warrior

Hidden Rhythm Experiential Marketing - Health Warrior Influencer Event

January can be a daunting month, when many of us feel the pressure to set new goals and resolutions. And let’s face it, they often don’t last longer than a couple of weeks.

Richmond, Virginia-based superfood snack company Health Warrior was all too familiar with this scenario. So when they came to us to tap into the San Francisco health market, we decided to make resolution month more manageable.

Health Warrior believes that better health starts with the right ingredients. Whether it’s their Superfood Protein Powder, Chia Seeds or Pumpkin Seed Bars, their products not only taste great, but also fit into the pace of real life.

With that in mind, we invited 15 fitness, wellness, and nutrition influencers to Wake Up With Health Warrior—a Saturday morning event to get real about the challenges of the a.m. routine. Focusing on what’s actually achievable, rather than aspirational, the event was dedicated to healthy morning habits to start the year off right.

The primary goal of the event was to provide valuable face time with San Francisco-based influencers in order to establish lasting relationships. The secondary goal was to create buzz around Health Warrior and its fantastic range of products. Through targeted influencer outreach, influencer collaborations, and experiential design and production, we helped them achieve their goals.

Hidden Rhythm was a pleasure to work with and absolutely understands what it takes to make an event fun and buzzy for brands and influencers alike. They were willing to go the extra mile to make sure our space was perfect, the decor was a perfect representation of the brand, and that our influencers walked away not only happy with the day, but happy with our brand.
— Allison Siegel, Health Warrior

The Details

Hidden Rhythm Experiential Marketing - Health Warrior Influencer Event

To tie back to the theme of the morning routine, we secured a newly renovated home in San Francisco’s Mission district to host the event. The space was clean, fresh and full of natural light. It was a blank canvas that we transformed into a wellness oasis. The natural aesthetic allowed us to showcase Health Warrior’s vibrant products, and create a visually branded experience.

As part of this, and to brighten up a dull January day, we crafted a bespoke Health Warrior rainbow, made from their colorful Chia Bars. The rainbow served as a photo backdrop for many of the Instagram stories that guests shared with their followers.

Our morning started as most mornings do, with a cup of tea or coffee. Then, guests learned about Health Warrior’s journey, mission and products, and were introduced to our surprise hosts for the morning. To appeal to the brand’s expansive audience, from foodies to fitness fanatics and everyone in between, we collaborated with three local lifestyle and wellness influencers. Each influencer had a healthy morning habit to share and teach the group.

Everything from the space to the activities to the thoughtful details was so well done, and created such a fun, welcoming environment.
— Amanda Elyse, @elysewellness

Healthy Habits

Our first healthy morning habit was lead by health and wellness expert Davida Lederle of The Healthy Maven. Davida guided our guests through a fifteen minute yoga flow, which they could learn together and easily incorporate into their morning routine. Davida’s sequence was energizing, yet simple to learn, and featured variations of the warrior pose, tying back to the Health Warrior name.

Guests slipped off their yoga mats and headed straight into a Shamanic Reiki session, lead by holistic healer Alice Chen of Alice In Wondrland. Alice taught our guests how to nourish their minds, bodies and souls. She shared short meditative techniques that they could easily fit into their morning schedules.

Finally, health coach Molly Alliman of Balance By Molly taught guests how to make a delicious, nutritious breakfast, incorporating Health Warrior’s products. Molly made her Protein Power Smoothie, featuring Health Warrior’s Vanilla Superfood Protein Powder, along with bananas, blueberries, spinach and cashew milk. She also shared her Peanut Butter & Chocolate Swirl Overnight Oats recipe, which included Health Warrior’s Chia Seeds and Chia Bars. Guests followed instructions on printed recipe cards, and took their overnight oats home, for breakfast the next day.

Breakfast Time

The morning culminated with a group breakfast. Guests sipped on their smoothies and tucked into Health Warrior’s Protein Mug Muffins, which they topped at our DIY station with a variety of complimentary flavors. To tie back to the theme of the day, we invited everyone to share a healthy morning habit that worked for them, or an unhealthy habit they wanted to try and kick. This fueled discussion amongst guests and initiated a wider conversation that they could take home and engage their audience with.

The Results

As we tracked social metrics post event, we saw the theme of healthy morning habits progress. Guests shared their experience on their blogs, and engaged with their followers via Instagram posts using the unique #healthwarriorwakeup hashtag.

All results were shared with Health Warrior in an event recap, which included a comprehensive analytics summary, feedback from our anonymous guest survey, and suggested influencer collaboration opportunities.

I wanted to say thank you again for having me as part of your event over the weekend. I loved the mix of yoga, reiki and nourishing food provided by Health Warrior. You always put on the best events
— Molly Alliman, @balancebymolly

Event photos by Erin Conger Photography.

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