Podcast Interview Guide


Thanks for being a part of our podcast!

Hi, it’s Cynthia here! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your story on our podcast. I know you have a busy schedule and plenty of ways to spend your time, so thank you!

The Experiential Table is all about creating better brand experiences through practical tips and inspiration in the natural food and wellness space. Our audience is a mix of business owners, brand marketers, and event professionals who are passionate about creating memorable and impactful experiences.

The podcast alternates between solo episodes where I dive deep into an experiential marketing topic and expert interviews—this is where YOU come in!

Since you’re in the business of delivering incredible experiences, the focus of the interview will be around just that.

I also want you tell me what you do, how you do it, and most importantly, why you do it. Who you are as a person influences the experiences you create. We’ll dive into your pivotal life moments, upbringing, hobbies, quirky personality traits—whatever you think helps unravel the story about what you’re creating today.



Interview Flow


We’ll chat for a few minutes to break the (podcast) ice and work out any technical issues. Then I’ll hit record! I’ll kick off the podcast by giving a short intro covering who you are, how we know each other, and why I invited you on the show.

2. TELL US what you do

Next, I’ll ask you to expand on my intro about what you do professionally. Unlike many interview-style podcasts out there, the focus of this podcast is less about your career journey and more about the experiences you are building today. You can keep it brief and know that I’ll ask follow-up questions to get to the good stuff!


We’ll talk about 1-2 experiences / projects / events you’ve created and can speak to on a deeper level. I’ll share these ideas with you in advance for your feedback.


Our audience loves actionable tips, and I’ll send you my prompts beforehand. I may weave your answers into the episode where it makes sense, or just ask you to share them all at once. We’ll go with the flow!


Inspired by my favorite podcast, How I Built This, I like to end the podcast by asking each guest the same question: What is the single most important element of an incredible experience?


I’ll wrap up the podcast by letting listeners know where they can find you (website, Instagram, etc.) I’ll also include these links in the show notes along with any resources we chatted about during the interview.

Next Steps & Tips

  • Length: Interviews range from 25-35 minutes. We block off an hour to account for any tech troubles and some brief chatter beforehand to warm us up.

  • Format: Our interviews are conducted via Zoom. We use audio only from your computer. The link to the Zoom meeting is in the calendar invitation. Be sure to test the link before our interview time!

  • Sound: Use a good mic and wear headphones to avoid any echo. Opt for a quiet space to avoid distracting sounds and background noise. Before we start recording, please turn off any computer and phone sound notifications (airplane mode makes this easy). Biggest offender? Slack.

  • Style: Be yourself. Really. I’d like the interview to feel like us chatting over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Don’t worry about those “ums” or struggling to find the perfect word. The more real, the better. If at any point you find yourself having a tough time answering the question, just pause and restart when you’re ready. Good editing can do wonders. :)

  • Promotion: A few days before your episode goes live, I’ll send you a link to your episode, promotional assets, and show notes. Feel free to share the interview with your friends, family, and followers!